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backpack strap buckle factory

backpack strap buckle factory

What do we can produce?

Our products include all kinds of buckle, seven -hole buckle, environmental protection buckle, buttons, luggage buckles, plastic buckles'> plastic buckle, plastic buckle, luggage accessories, plastic buckles, plastic buckles, nylon buckles, nylon fasteners, nylon buckles, nylon fasteners, nylon fasteners, nylon fasteners, nylon fasteners, nylon fasteners, nylon fasteners, nylon fasteners, nylon fasteners, nylon buckles, nylon fasteners, nylon fasteners, nylon fasteners, nylon fasteners, nylon fasteners, nylon fasteners, nylon fasteners, nylon fasteners. Triangular buckle, D buckle, pressure buckle, mobile phone buckle, gum, hook, sock hook, display hook, hanger hook, scarf hanger, hanger, etc.

Some plastic buckle products display

backpack strap buckle factory

Some hardware deduction products display

backpack strap buckle factory

Can we produce those use buckles?

We focus on the production and sales of hat fasteners, glove fastening, pet belt buckle, chest buckle, traction buckle, hanging belt buckle, luggage buckle, shoes buckle, etc. Piece's spot wholesale supply and grinding tool custom OEM production order service.

backpack strap buckle factory

Buckles products are exported to Germany, the United States, Japan, South Korea,

Many well-known in Europe and America

buckle drinking glass; quality, even our valuebackpack strap buckle factory

Dongguan Naikle Plastic Hardware Co., Ltd.
   Was founded in 1993. It is a company specializing in the production of a series of special buckles and peripherals for gloves, clothing, hat bags, sporting goods, mobile phone gifts, automobiles and other industries. accessories business.Our products include all kinds of buckles, environmental buckles, buttons, luggage buckles, plastic buckles' >Plastic buckles, plastic buckles, luggage accessories, plastic buckles, plastic buckles, nylon buckles, glove buckles, caps Buckle, shoe buckle, bust buckle, belt buckle, kettle buckle, buckle, safety buckle, rope buckle, bell, rope tail clip, tooth clip, square buckle, day buckle, ladder buckle, hook buckle, triangle buckle, D buckle , Press buttons, mobile phone buttons, plastic hooks, hanging hooks, socks hooks, display hooks, hanger hooks, scarf hangers, hangers, etc.Over the years, we have been constantly innovating and forging ahead. In line with the business policy of "customer first, quality first, sincerity first, low carbon and environmental protection", we have won stronger competitiveness for our customers in the market. Since its development, the products have been sold well in Asia, Europe and the United States and other countries and regions, and are well received by users. We have professional design, production, quality inspection and service teams, able to provide customers with products and services that meet their needs.

backpack strap buckle factory

Deduction exhibition hall display

Here are most of our sales products, and we can also provide OEM custom processing deduction services.

backpack strap buckle factory

Shock product production workshop display

We have a dozen injection molding machines and more than 20 production employees, and multiple QC quality inspectors to complete each buckle product with quality and quantity.

backpack strap buckle factory

Deduction product inspection equipment display

We have a variety of functions and multi -fastening product inspection equipment, including salt fog test machines, tensile tests, color testing, tensile tests, etc.

backpack strap buckle factory

Office environment and employee style display

We have a number of excellent business managers, which can help customers complete the smooth shipment of each order, and we want to surpass the customer's request for customers.

backpack strap buckle factory

Deduction of high -quality customer style display

Although every customer is hard to come, we not only know it as a customer, but also a good friend.

backpack strap buckle factory

Raw material warehouse display

The injection molding materials we use are purchased through regular channels.

backpack strap buckle factory

Standard parts spot wholesale warehouse display

We have more than 1,000 products such as hats, glove fasteners, pet buckles, luggage fasteners, and other spot supply. For detailed booked quantities and number per bag, please contact the business manager

backpack strap buckle factory

Pre -Shipping of the finished packaging

We have a hat buckle, glove fastening, pet buckle, luggage buckle, etc. will pass QC inspection before shipping, 500 or 1,000 packages, multi -pack assembly one carton, and use high -quality carton to ensure buckle products Transportation safety,

backpack strap buckle factory

certificate display

We obtain certificates such as ISO quality system and SGS,

backpack strap buckle factory

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5. We have 20 injection machines production workshops

6. We have 30 production employees with strong quality awareness

7. We cooperate with companies from multiple industries in dozens of countries around the world.

8. We have a very passionate business service team

9. We have an artisan boss

10. We are not only customers, but also friends